About Olmait

In a world where everyone wants the best for less, Olmait is a leader in the supply of development skills.  Affordable, high-quality development and technical expertise as well as project management skills are in demand the world over. Experienced Chief Technology Officers and Vice Presidents of R&D  (CTO/VP R&D) are also sought after internationally. As the demand for the best technical skills has grown Olmait has been filling the gaps providing exceptional development and senior technical management skills that growing numbers of companies now demand. 

The apex where the best expertise meets absolute value for money is where Olmait excels. Success has been achieved through a unique global partnership that ensures you get exceptional talent at an acceptable price guaranteeing your business a truly unfair competitive advantage when developing technological solutions for any purpose. 

Meet the Team

Talel Weisman
Co-Founder, CEO
Jean-Sébastien Gourdet
Ioseb Khutsishvili
Nizan Weisman
Co-Founder, Chairman
Levan Tsinadze
David Khosroshvili
Giorgi Jvaridze
Luka Tikaradze
Software Engineer
Giorgi Jambazishvili
Python Developer
Gega Jamburia
Project Manager
Aleksandre Dvali
Data Scientist
Tamuna Karchiladze
HR Specialist

Why Choose Olmait?

  • Up to 50% Cost Savings - From the outset, Olmait can save up to 50% in costs on developing a solution by providing customers with skilled developers, custom recruitment solutions, agile and flexible teams, direct communication all supported by world-class support and a transparent business model.  When you hire the best development skills you can focus on running your business whilst any development project is expertly managed and delivered on time, in scope and within budget.
  • Hire the best development skills - Olmait understands modern technologies and has the skills to help clients embrace them to achieve more.  When it comes to data science, machine learning, deep learning, big data, data engineering Olmait has an exceptional pool of resources to add value to an existing team or become the team. With access to most talented individuals with the brightest minds, Olmait can provide the utmost excellence in Python, React, AWS, GCP, OCI and more.  Olmait brings experience, innovative thinking and cost-saving to your solution development needs.
  • On time, in scope and within budget - Olmait works fast, enabling clients to extend the skills of their team or create the absolute best team from scratch in just 2 to 8 weeks. Using the very best talent projects are expedited converting the benefits of technology at work into improved efficiencies, more accurate reporting and increased productivity all adding value to the bottom line.
  • Who and Where - Olmait creates unparalleled access to a pool of the absolute best developers and technical expertise for hire.  Our team of 30+ skilled individuals are based in our offices in Tel-Aviv, Haifa, and Tbilisi and in most cases your team will work in Tbilisi, Georgia.
  • Why choose Olmait? - If an up to 50% cost saving is not enough, Olmait creates the perfect opportunity to access exceptionally talented and in-demand developers and project managers. Having the best developers helps you deliver better solutions that allow you to work better, work smarter and achieve more than expected. Talk to us today.

Why are we here

Olmait is the preferred source of exceptional and experienced technical talent. We bring agility and outstanding expertise to your technical and development teams to deliver world-class solutions. We have a passion for the latest technology and our pool of resources are eager to learn to go beyond technological horizons.

We know that people with the right skills and the correct work ethic and attitude are fundamental to your success. Olmait strives to establish strong relationships based of trust, honesty and credibility to ensure exceptional levels of success are attained.

Our pool of expertise is international, and we believe in finding the best expertise at the most acceptable rate to produce top quality solutions whilst working within your budget. The expertise available through Olmait adds value to your development and project teams by introducing skills and expertise where they are needed most to deliver results that exceed expectations.