System Admin / DevOps – Tbilisi, Georgia

Olmait is working on innovative and challenging projects and is building dedicated teams in Data science, data-related software, and cloud infrastructures for startups internationally. We work in industries and fields of expertise that include healthcare, cybersecurity, e-commerce, and more. We operate from Israel and Georgia, hosting one of the strongest dev teams in the region. We offer you a pleasant work environment with exceptional opportunities for professional growth.

We are looking for a System Admin / DevOps to join an Israeli unicorn company, providing a fully automated, real-time Decision as Service fraud prevention, with approve/decline decisions backed by a 100% chargeback guarantee. The system eliminates the need for rules, scores or manual reviews, making fraud prevention friction-free. The result is fraud prevention that is invisible to buyers and empowers merchants with increased approvals, smoother checkout and near elimination of inaccurate decisions - meaning more sales and happier customers. Behind the scenes, the team’s machine learning technology combines advanced cyber intelligence with behavioral and identity analysis to create a multi-layered fraud detection mechanism.


What will you do:

  • Spend the majority of your time troubleshooting complex user issues and communicating with engineers, analysts, researchers, and data scientists
  • Work with Infra teams to diagnose and solve the more complex technical user problems
  • Optimize our support documentation and processes to improve users’ experiences and help take our onboarding to the next level
  • Have an opportunity to learn how the company operates from the ground up and make an impact on the future of the organization
  • Debug issues (remotely) and apply creative problem solving with MacOS, bash, Unix, git, Python, and more
  • Handle user permissions in multiple systems like AWS, Okta, LastPass, GSuite, GitHub, PagerDuty, and others.
  • Improve our onboarding tooling - written mostly in Python, bash and JavaScript.
  • Take initiative - got a great idea that'll make our team's day-to-day better?


What will you need:

  • Be proficient in working in a technical environment and comfortable working to solve technical user issues
  • Be technically savvy and be able to navigate multiple complex systems simultaneously to respond to user inquiries
  • Love troubleshooting and debugging new issues
  • Have strong written communication skills and the ability to interact with users clearly and empathetically (in English!)


What will be great if you have: 

  • System administration - installation using and debugging of brew, pip, etc.
  • Python + Bash scripting
  • git/GitHub
  • Shells - Bash, Zsh, dotfiles, env. vars like PATH, which, etc.
  • Standard Python tooling (pip, pyenv, virtualenv, etc.)
  • Managed cloud environments (AWS/Azure/GCP)


Please send us your English resume at [email protected] and indicate System admin / DevOps - 2301”  in the subject.



    Please send us your English resume at [email protected] and indicate "System Admin / DevOps – Tbilisi, Georgia" in the email subject line.