Google Cloud

As Google Cloud Partner in Georgia, Olmait opens the gateway to unparalleled digital transformation opportunities for businesses ready to innovate and automate. Leveraging Google Cloud's cutting-edge solutions, coupled with Olmait's extensive experience in innovation and automation, we offer a pathway to a future-proof digital landscape. Whether you're starting your digital journey or looking to boost existing operations, Olmait's partnership with Google Cloud ensures access to a world-class cloud data platform and warehouse. This collaboration allows organizations in Georgia to harness the power of technology like never before, driving efficiency, agility, and growth. From startups to SMEs and large corporates, discover the main solutions tailored to each company type below, and begin your transformation journey with Olmait.

Google Cloud Solutions

A Unified Cloud Data Platform

Google Cloud offers a robust suite of tools for setting up a comprehensive cloud data platform. At the core of this ecosystem is BigQuery, a serverless and fully-managed data warehouse that ensures rapid queries and seamless scalability. Complementing BigQuery, tools like DataPrep facilitate intelligent data cleansing without any code, DataFlow enables efficient and scalable data processing, DataPlex provides an integrated data management & governance solution, and Looker enhances data visualization and exploration. Together, these cutting-edge solutions form a cohesive and powerful data platform.

Best-in-Class AI Technologies

Google Cloud's AI capabilities provide an extensive range of tools and services: Vertex AI streamlines everything from training to deployment, creating a seamless platform for machine learning applications. AutoML enables custom model creation, even without in-depth machine learning expertise. A specialized infrastructure has been built for advanced deep learning, while Generative AI, featuring tools like the model garden and Gen App Builder, paves the way for innovative applications. Together, these capabilities define Google Cloud's comprehensive approach to AI, unlocking the potential for businesses and developers to explore new frontiers in technology.

Serverless Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Google Cloud's serverless cloud-native infrastructure embraces an event-driven architecture, providing scalability, flexibility, and efficient resource utilization. At the heart of this innovative approach are core services designed to optimize running workloads. Cloud Function enables lightweight, single-purpose functions to respond to cloud events, while Cloud Run takes containerized applications and runs them seamlessly in a fully-managed environment. For those requiring orchestration, Google Kubernetes Engine offers a powerful platform for managing, deploying, and scaling containerized applications.

Streaming IoT Innovations

Google Cloud's IoT solutions offer a comprehensive suite of tools to seamlessly connect, manage, and analyze data from a multitude of devices. IoT Core serves as the foundational service, enabling secure device connectivity and management. Pub/Sub further enhances this ecosystem by providing a robust messaging service that allows real-time data ingestion and event stream processing. BigTable complements these offerings with a scalable, high-performance NoSQL database, suitable for handling the vast amounts of data generated by IoT devices.

Comprehensive Security Framework

Security is at the core of Google Cloud's design, with a comprehensive framework built into every service to ensure robust protection. Cloud DLP (Data Loss Prevention) exemplifies this commitment, providing sensitive data discovery, classification, and de-identification. Secure Software Supply Chain with Cloud Build further enhances security by offering end-to-end controls for building and deploying applications. Additionally, Cloud Armor's Web Application Firewall defends against web-based threats, filtering and monitoring traffic to maintain the integrity of applications.

Tailoring Google Cloud Solutions

Whether you're a nimble startup, a growing SME, or an established corporate entity, Google Cloud offers a suite of products and services to match your specific requirements.

Startups can leverage agile and scalable solutions to innovate rapidly, while SMEs benefit from a balanced blend of flexibility and robustness to fuel growth.

For corporates, Google Cloud provides enterprise-grade solutions designed to handle complexity and large-scale operations.
Alongside Google Cloud's offerings, Olmait's expertise ensures a smooth migration and customized approach, aligning with the ambitions and operational scale of each business type to drive success in today's dynamic digital landscape.

For Startups


Google Cloud provides startups with financially flexible and scalable services, ideal for running an MVP or any tailored solution. By aligning costs with business growth and removing upfront or fixed monthly fees, startups can innovate without financial barriers.

Key serverless offerings include Cloud Function for event-driven microservices, coupled with Pub/Sub for robust messaging; Cloud Run for scaling applications without worrying about underlying infrastructure; Firebase/Firestore for a seamless backend and database experience for web and mobile platforms; and BigQuery for fast SQL-like queries, enabling real-time insights vital for data-driven decision-making. 

These services are not only designed for agility and growth but also come with Google Cloud's enterprise-grade security.

For SMEs

Google Cloud presents a compelling array of solutions for SMEs. The platform offers event-driven serverless integration, enabling seamless communication between various SME software, while offering traditional cloud hosting services as well for core SME solutions.

Beyond these cloud foundations, Google Cloud provides ready-made solutions like DocumentAI for effortless document digitalization, reducing manual workload. Contact Center AI enhances customer service, while AppSheet allows the creation of internal mobile apps without coding expertise. Furthermore, hosting SAP on Google Cloud is a viable option for SMEs aiming for cost-effective ERP. On the top, BigQuery serves as the centralized data warehouse for SMEs, consolidating data from various sources, and facilitating easy and rapid analytics.

Besides, for SMEs that might be uncertain about transitioning to the cloud, Google Cloud has the perfect starting point with Actifio, enabling simple and secure data backup as an initial step toward full cloud integration.

For Corporate


For large corporations seeking scalable, secure, and robust cloud solutions, Good Cloud presents a sophisticated suite of solutions.

Scalability is at the forefront, with services like Google Kubernetes Engine enabling the efficient management of containerized applications at any scale which can be extended to hybrid or multi-cloud environments with Anthos.

BigQuery stands as a cornerstone for Big Data analytics, allowing the integration and rapid analysis of immense data sets and running directly Machine Learning services (training & serving) without moving data out.

On the AI front, Google Cloud goes beyond its key offerings (Vertex AI) with ready-made products such as Recommender AI, AutoML, Forecasting, and Fleet Optimization, driving intelligent decision-making.

For clients utilizing SAP, Google Cloud offers a cost-effective hosting solution, and the seamless integration with BigQuery and additional data services creates a unified platform for harnessing data and machine learning capabilities.